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Building a welcoming
Falls Church

Join us for food, discussion and community service at 2PM on Sunday December 3rd at Clare and Don's. Even if you're just thinking about it, let us know!
Co-sponsored by Falls Church Forward and Welcoming Falls Church.

Join us for learning, food and community service

How can we make Falls Church more welcoming for all?

We're excited to announce that Jill Kaneff, Senior Regional Demographer at the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, will talk to us about ethnic, racial and socioeconomic trends in Falls Church and the Northern Virginia area.

We'll also learn about the work of Welcoming Falls Church, Homestretch, Falls Church Homeless Shelter, and other community organizations in the city that support vulnerable populations.

Finally, meet neighbors as we wrap the gifts collected from the Holiday Donation Drive for refugee families in Falls Church and others.

List of speakers:
Jill Kaneff, Northern Virginia Regional Commission
Barfonce Baldwin, Homestretch
Julene Jarnot, Falls Church Homeless Shelter
Paul Boesen, Welcoming Falls Church Refugee Program
Hannah Jordan, Adult & Family Literacy Center
Brian Reach, LGBTQ+ Falls Church

A citizen collective for a vibrant, sustainable & welcoming
Falls Church



We are a coalition of Falls Church residents and civic leaders
who are taking the long view to imagine, advocate, and work
for a Falls Church that is welcoming, vibrant, and sustainable.

To do so, we are coming together as an active, vocal, political base
of support for city policies, projects and programs that promote
the pillars of our city’s openness, vibrancy, and sustainability.

What We Believe


Housing for All

Neighbors of all ages, incomes, and family sizes can live, work, learn, return, and retire.


Community Businesses

Lively and legendary community businesses where neighbors eat, meet, celebrate, create, and make memories.


People First Places

Connected by beautiful streets and plazas serving multiple modes of moving and gathering.


Climate Resilience

Inviting green spaces, shaded by mature trees, and powered by sustainable energy and infrastructure.


Welcoming Culture

A community that is co-created by and for everybody — not just a privileged few.

In a city so small,
every voice has a huge impact.

Ready to get involved?