Livable Cities

Thanks for Joining!

Thanks to everyone who joined us on May 7, 2023 to learn about AARP’s Livable Communities program with speaker Jane King!

King discussed AARP’s Network of Age-Friendly Communities and the eight domains of livability that make a community friendly to people of all ages and abilities. You can find a summary of some of the breakout group topics and suggestions we discussed here.

Members of our Human Services Advisory Council will be looking into what it would take for Falls Church to become a certified Age-Friendly Community. We’ll report back on their progress.



If you missed her presentation, you can view the slides here.

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We talked about how we can create a vibrant community that...

  • Gets people where they want to go, whether or not they own a car

  • Designs public spaces that foster interactions and relationships

  • Provides a variety of housing options

  • Builds places where people can live, work, shop and access healthcare

Sponsored by Falls Church Forward, League of Women Voters and
Falls Church Human Services Advisory Council

What We Believe


Housing for All

Neighbors of all ages, incomes, and family sizes can live, work, learn, return, and retire.


Community Businesses

Lively and legendary community businesses where neighbors eat, meet, celebrate, create, and make memories.


People First Places

Connected by beautiful streets and plazas serving multiple modes of moving and gathering.


Climate Resilience

Inviting green spaces, shaded by mature trees, and powered by sustainable energy and infrastructure.


Welcoming Culture

A community that is co-created by and for everybody — not just a privileged few.

In a city so small,
every voice has a huge impact.

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