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How can we support diverse and affordable housing in Falls Church?

Join us for bites and discussion focused on our pillar of housing on Sunday September 17th at 4pm at the Founders Row Modera Club Room.
Even if you're just thinking about it, let us know!

DC Area Population Growth 80%since 1980
Falls Church Housing Growth 34%since 1980

Join for the cookies, stay for the discussion

We're excited to announce our guest speakers:

Alex Horowitz, Projector Director for Pew’s Housing Policy Initiative. Read his work here.
Meredith Anderson, Chair of the Falls Church Housing Commission

We'll discuss:

  • Driving forces behind housing price increases
  • What actions cities and states can take to address housing affordability
  • The current state of housing in Falls Church
  • Affordable housing initiatives that are underway

We'll also discuss the Quinn Project, the senior housing development slated for S Washington St.
Get the full document here. Please read up and think about your feedback!

A citizen collective for a vibrant, sustainable & welcoming
Falls Church



We are a coalition of Falls Church residents and civic leaders
who are taking the long view to imagine, advocate, and work
for a Falls Church that is welcoming, vibrant, and sustainable.

To do so, we are coming together as an active, vocal, political base
of support for city policies, projects and programs that promote
the pillars of our city’s openness, vibrancy, and sustainability.

What We Believe


Housing for All

Neighbors of all ages, incomes, and family sizes can live, work, learn, return, and retire.


Community Businesses

Lively and legendary community businesses where neighbors eat, meet, celebrate, create, and make memories.


People First Places

Connected by beautiful streets and plazas serving multiple modes of moving and gathering.


Climate Resilience

Inviting green spaces, shaded by mature trees, and powered by sustainable energy and infrastructure.


Welcoming Culture

A community that is co-created by and for everybody — not just a privileged few.

In a city so small,
every voice has a huge impact.

Ready to get involved?